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Twin Cities Hospitals & Patients Welcome 4th Angel Mentoring Programs

You never know where you might meet an angel, a 4th Angel, that is. The Scott Hamilton CARES Initiative 4th Angel Mentoring Program has grown beyond northeast Ohio, spreading its wings into the upper Midwest in 2007 with plans to grow even more this year.

4th Angel, Survivor to Patient Outreach and SupportThe original 4th Angel Mentoring Program, originated at Cleveland Clinic by Scott Hamilton, matches newly diagnosed cancer patients with a cancer survivor mentor who acts as a supporter, confidante and cheerleader through the ups and downs of cancer treatment. The program was expanded in 2007 with the 4th Angel Caregiver Mentoring Program, matching cancer caregivers with mentors who use their personal experience to help caregivers cope with their difficult role.

So that more patients can benefit, CARES is expanding the 4th Angel Mentoring Program across the United States. Based on the experiences of Lori Doonan, Midwest Director for 4th Angel, hospitals and patients will welcome the program.

In her first six months working in the Minneapolis area, Doonan launched 4th Angel Mentoring Programs at five hospitals in the Twin Cities area and one in Fargo, N.D. She also has linked 4th Angel with the Kidney Cancer Association nationally – look for the 4th Angel link on the organization’s webpage – and the Twin Cities branch of the American Cancer Society.

“I am passionate about the 4th Angel program,” Doonan says. “It makes such a difference to patients to be connected with someone who understands what they are going through.”

Hospitals in the upper Midwest are extremely receptive to the program, she says. Equally important, patients from these hospitals and organizations are eager to sign up and connect with a cancer survivor, someone “who has been there,” she adds. Physicians already have referred dozens of patients and new Angels to the program.

With this success in the first six months, Doonan has ambitious plans for 2008. "My goal is to take the 4th Angel Mentoring Program to hospitals in Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin – throughout the Midwest" she says. “Wherever there are cancer patients, there are people who can benefit from the 4th Angel Mentoring Program. We can offer them a beacon of hope.”

To learn more about the Scott Hamilton CARES Initiative 4th Angel Mentoring Programs, please contact Peter McDermott at 216.445.8735.